Itomic is a digital innovation agency led by creatives and technologists. We partner with our clients to craft and deliver bespoke, user-centric solutions using transformative open source technologies.

We started life as a small web agency focused on making quality sites for business owners in Perth. That was the year 2000. Today, we’re one of the longest serving businesses of our kind in Australia. But, a lot has changed.

We now deliver digital transformation to organisations from SME to NFP to Government to start-ups. We create custom websites, mobile applications and more.

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Our people are all over the world – Australia, Canada, England, Japan, Indonesia, and beyond.

Itomic is Australian owned and lead company. Three of our core team members have over 20 years of tenure with the company.

Our team is multi-skilled, creatively minded and able to develop the tech you need to achieve your goals. We are accountable for the projects we work on, which is probably why our existing clients ask us to support them with new projects, as their needs grow.

We take pride in every project from start to finish, highlights of our success pay homage to our dedication to delivering great solutions for our valued clients.


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where we work Perth Melbourne Vancouver

We are very pleased with our new website. The Itomic team were very professional and responsive during the development process.

Tasmin Wright, Solar Suite

The Itomic team have been a pleasure to work with throughout the website development process. We have been very happy with Itomic and we have been and will continue recommending this company in the future. Itomic staff have been very patient when explaining technical information and guiding us through the website development process. This was our team’s first website project in our professional careers and we felt Itomic guided us on how to manage and deliver it in the most efficient way

Lawrence Buchanan, City of Fremantle