ASIA domain names now open for registration

April 3, 2008

Ross Ross Gerring

As of today, April 1st 2008 (no joke!), .ASIA domain name are available for registration by eligible businesses. An eligible business is one that has a verifiable operating presence in the Asia-Pacific region which, of course, includes Australia and New Zealand.

But if you’re already got your, why would you want the .asia version of it too? Answer: long term thinking in the online brand/IP protection department.

Will the .ASIA domain suffix be hugely popular in the future? There’s a fair chance it will, not least because Asia holds over 60% of the world’s population and 40% of the world’s internet users.

But if it does become hugely popular, and another business entity registers the .ASIA version of your domain name before you, how annoyed are you going to be? Is it worth AUD$130 per 2 years to allay this concern? If so – give Itomic a call! And if you’re an existing website hosting customer of Itomic, we can ‘park’ your new .ASIA domain name over your existing website at no additional charge. This means that your existing website can be viewed using more than one website address, e.g. and

Hurry, hurry!