May 22, 2019

Is a CDN really necessary for your website? 7 questions to consider

When your website is in its infancy and traffic is slow, you can pick and choose your hosting provider without much thought. But as it starts to gain traction and attract more attention, you need to begin looking at other options. This is where a Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes in. Although the Internet appears… Read more

Ross Ross Gerring

May 8, 2019

Why Host Your Website With Itomic?

Your website is the public face of your organisation. It’s the first impression that visitors will make of you. Therefore you want your website to be: Presentable Mobile-friendly (‘responsive’) Functional Fast Easy-to-use Standards-compliant Accessible Secure Available 24/7 Some of these attributes will be hard to consistently achieve if your website hosting isn’t of sufficient quality…. Read more

Ross Ross Gerring

May 8, 2019

Shorter Australian Domain Names – What You Need to Know

A major change is looming on the Australian digital horizon. For the first time, it’ll be possible to buy shorter Australian domain names, ones with just a .au suffix. Right now, eligible entities have been restricted to acquiring only second-level domain suffixes, such as But what is behind this change, and why now? Continued… Read more

Emma Emma Gerring

April 25, 2019

The One Reason G Suite Resellers Itomic Can’t Let Go of Dropbox: Binary Diff

Firstly, it’s important to stress that we’ve got nothing against Dropbox. It’s an excellent product, great for creating, storing and sharing files, and much more, at affordable prices. Secondly, this article is not intended to be a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of the two services. You can Google for those here. Thirdly, we’re zooming in on… Read more

Ross Ross Gerring

April 24, 2019

Website feature to help protect victims of domestic violence.

To raise awareness of Domestic Violence (DV), this post is dedicated to the ‘Quick Exit’ website feature. The feature is designed to minimise the chance of potential conflict when at-risk users access a website to seek help. What is it? Many victims of DV are reported to be living under the same roof as their… Read more

Izumi Izumi Mitsui

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