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Inside a Dog is a place all about books. A social website for young bibliophiles to write and share book reviews, join virtual book clubs, and find new books to read that match their interests. The site promotes young adult literature, highlighting Australian and International writers and their work. It promotes reading as an active, pleasurable and essential activity for all young people. It encourages discussion and a sense of community around Books.


Creating a design that would be usable while appealing to the target audience of web savvy tweens/teens was a fun challenge of this project. Migrating data from multiple legacy Wordpress instances and a custom legacy CMS was however a little less fun!


Since going live in February 2011 the website has received an average of over 160 Book Reviews per month. The site now supports over 1,100 registered Members and boasts a database of over 460 Books and over 1,050 Book Reviews. The new site has proven extremely popular.


Outstanding. A pleasurable experience. Itomic worked with us as a team, they were responsive, friendly, and helpful. They recognised our professional expertise in our own field, and never talked down to us on technical issues. The project was delivered on time and in budget. The website looks great and works really well.

Heath Graham, State Library of Victoria