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Ninti One is a not-for-profit organisation that builds opportunities for people in remote Australia through research application, expertise and outreach. Itomic has designed, developed, and continues to maintain and host a suite of Drupal websites (including intranet) for Ninti.


Because Ninti and Itomic team members are located in multiple locations around Australia teleconferencing forms a key ingredient to this successful partership. The relationship began when three Itomic team members visiting Ninti headquarters in Alice Springs, and since then it's been kept dynamic via almost weekly Skype sessions.


Some of the features implemented in these solutuions include: Trim integration, Endnote integration for the creation of the resources centre that is home to over 5000 resource publications, dynamic shared content across multiple sites, faceted search, intranet development including chat functionality, shared calendars and forums, resources directory & search.