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The Challenge

The City of Albany tendered for a web solutions partner to act as the custodians of their suite of web assets. They’d already invested heavily in a proprietary CMS technology, and they needed a partner who could deconstruct the technology and take it forward.

The Approach

The partnership has been steered via regular weekly meetings aimed at progress reporting and prioritisation of future work. On multiple occasions Itomic team members have visited Albany to meet with stakeholders, brainstorm, strategise, and present.

The Solutions

We’ve developed and maintained multiple web entities for Albany including their main Council site, multiple Council sub sites, primary tourism site, Council intranet, tourist attraction site, places database, ratepayer app and more. This has involved integrations with many systems and our core technology stack.

  • Built with Wordpress
  • Built with Laravel
  • Built with Vue JS
  • Built with Drupal

The Result

With all the elements of a great business partnership, the City has kept us engaged with a myriad of stimulating and at times challenging projects. Technologies and integrations involved include custom CMS, WordPress, Laravel, BPOINT, Google Places, Expedia, Bookeasy, Google Maps, ElmoTalent, and many more.

We wonder – what will be next?!

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