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Leading in girls' education in Western Australia for over 125 years.

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The Challenge

St Hilda’s had an aging website that lacked flexibility and was missing opportunities to benefit from emerging technologies. A new site was needed that would better serve side administrators from marketing to operations, and the users of the website too!

Modern learning in a supportive environment is a priority at St Hilda’s

The Approach

The project started with a Discovery/UX workshop that polled stakeholders from the various departments within the school. From there we worked closely with St Hilda’s marketing team to arrive at a design that effectively communicated the brand and the strategic vision of the school. Based on the designs, a custom theme was developed on the WordPress platform.

A St Hilda’s education teaches our girls that the possibilities are endless and that creativity and uniqueness are necessary to greatness.

Fiona Johnston, Principal

The Result

The new website presents content with an intuitive and attractive simplicity that results in an enjoyable experience for all users. Some vibrant video presentations further add to the visual impact. Administrators of the site have a great deal of flexibility to customise and manipulate the presentation of content.

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