Swan Animal Haven

Rescuing and caring for abandoned dogs.

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The Challenge

Swan Animal Haven hadn’t updated their website for many years, which meant it left a poor impression on visitors, not reflective of the organisation. Their corportate identify was also outdated and didn’t reflect their current vision and mission.

A world where every dog has a safe and loving home

The Approach

We first learnt as much as we could about how Swan Animal Haven wanted to present itself. From there, we developed several logo options. From the one that was chosen, additional branding collateral was created to work alongside it on the website. We enhanced the functionality of the site too, so that dogs can be easily updated on the site.

Dogs are sentient beings, with the capacity to feel love, affection and happiness, as well as pain, fear and sadness.

Swan Animal Haven

The Result

Swan Animal Haven’s image has been completely transformed by a fresh new logo and website. Visitors to the site are greeted with a vibrant, lively design that conveys the kind hearted nature of the haven, and can easily find and enquire about housing a dog.

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