Domain Names

A Domain Name is your special address on the web! The correct domain name/s can make a big difference when supporting your brand and/or helping people find you online.

Domain Name Management

As part of our comprehensive domain name management service, we offer:

  • Domain Name Advice
    Certain domain names are better for your organisation, products and services. We’ll tell you why.
  • Registration of available domain names
    Don’t concern yourself with the complexities of registering domain names – let Itomic handle it for you.
  • Management of your domain name portfolio
    Do you have multiple domain names from previous business arrangements? Consolidate them all into a single, organized portfolio managed by experts.
  • Monitoring of already registered domain names
    Is the domain name you want already registered? We can attempt to register them for you if/when they become available.
  • Renewal reminders
    We’ll handle the renewal, but we’ll always check in advance that you want your domain names renewed.

Registration and Management Services Pricing

Australian Domain Names

Australian domain names are better if your business is primarily servicing the Australian market. They include,,, and can only be registered for 2 year periods.

Our rate for Australian domain names is $130 for two years.

Mainstream Domain Names

Mainstream domain names are better if your business has a global focus. They include .com, .net.or, .biz and many others. You can register them for up to 10 years at a time.

Our rates for common non-Australian domain names vary with the number of years registered at once. The more years you register, the lower the cost per year. Hence, the price ranges from:

  • $30 per year for a registration of ten years
  • $65 per year for a single year of registration

The sliding pricing scale and associated savings are illustrated in the following table:

No. of Years Price for yearly ‘blocks’ Price Per Year Total Price if you renew 1 year at a time Saving
1 $65 $65 $65 $0
2 $120 $60 $130 $10
3 $165 $55 $195 $30
4 $200 $50 $260 $60
5 $225 $45 $325 $100
6 $240 $40 $390 $150
7 $252 $36 $455 $203
8 $264 $33 $520 $256
9 $279 $31 $585 $306
10 $300 $30 $650 $350

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars (AUD$) and include Goods and Services Tax (GST), unless otherwise stated.
All prices are subject to change without prior notice. New prices apply only when accounts come up for renewal.

Other Country Level and Less Common Domain Names

These include:, ca,, .tv. Our rate for other country level and less common domain names varies. We will provide a price on application.

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