Itomic’s hosting servers are located in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Having secure website hosting that you can rely on is a big deal. We know this. You know this. But how do you actually make sure you’ve got the right kind of protection?

Checking the track record of the hosting company you’re looking to use is a start. Knowing how accessible they are is important too.

Many hosting companies offer cheap deals, but when you need to talk about your plan or the speed your website is loading at, no humans exist.

We strike a balance between great service and affordable pricing.  

Secure Website Hosting in Australia

What you get from us

  • Affordability. Our hosting plans are priced to make you happy.
  • Secure. Your website is 100% taken care of, with safe hosting we use ourselves.
  • Reliable. Downtime is absolutely minimal (and usually scheduled for upgrades to make your experience better). Our uptime averages above 99.95%!
  • Human. We like robots as much as the next tech-head, but people are better to talk to.
  • 24/7 support. We’re here when you need us. (Whenever that is.)
  • Experts. We love making your life easier by making your website run better.

Why hosting matters

Having an amazing web site or app means nothing if it takes too long to load. Yep, studies show customers leave a site if it loads too slow, so good hosting isn’t just about staying online, it’s about ensuring your website is working at optimal efficiency.

Fast page load time builds trust in your site; it yields more returning visitors, more users choosing your site over a competitor's site, and more people trusting your brand.

Lara Swanson, Forbes

Shared Hosting Packages

PackageDisk StorageMonthly DataPrice Per YearPrice Per Month
Global Plus50GB250GB$1840$184

For you… VPS may be best!

Some of our clients need more host than our shared hosting plans offer. For them we deploy and manage dedicated virtual private servers.  If you have multiple web assets or a site or app that needs to accommodate spikes in traffic and bandwidth then we may recommend the same to you.

For more on our hosting packages and options, get in touch.

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