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Standard Office Hours

Perth 9am – 5pm WST Monday-Friday
Melbourne 9am – 5pm EST Monday-Friday
Both our offices in Perth & Melbourne are open (in their respective time zones) from 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri, although often staff will be in before or after these times. By having offices in two times zones (between 2 and 3 hours apart) it does of course mean that Perth clients can receive ‘before hours’ support from the Melbourne office, before the Perth office formally opens for the day, and Melbourne clients can receive ‘after hours’ support from the Perth office when the Melbourne office has closed for the day.

24/7 After-Hours Callout

All after hours calls are routed to a real, Australian-based person (a 24 hour Hutchison call centre). · If the issue can wait until the next business day, then the message is passed onto us via email. · If the issue cannot wait until the next business day, then the operator is empowered to run through an escalation procedure using text messages and phone calls to alert technical staff to the issue.


All general support requests from existing clients are accepted via phone, email, ticket or fax. They are entered into our project management system (no public facing interface at this time) and prioritised and managed accordingly.

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