Drupal is geared for businesses that need lightning fast, high-level websites, capable of handling complex infrastructure.

It’s also scalable, reliable and versatile, which makes it a powerful content management system. This is why we use Drupal for Government agencies and organisations.

Of course, we don’t just use Drupal for Government agencies, we also recommend it to not-for-profits and businesses who have complex website requirements.

We’ve been developing websites using Drupal for 10 years, and still enjoy the powerful versatility of the open source software.

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Why open source?

Open source software is contributed to by a community of developers all over the world. This means you get the benefit of:

  • New features, developed by amazing minds all over the world.
  • Improvements on existing functionality, thanks to the same minds.
  • No licensing fees (or any usage fees for that matter), as open-source software is free.
  • Security, since developers work hard to stay ahead of hackers. (Head here for more on making sure your website is as safe as possible.)
  • A globally recognised software, which can be worked on by any developer fluent in it.

Drupal for Government

Drupal is the software of choice for the Australian Government, which is why we are GovCMS compliant. This means we are qualified to develop websites for Government agencies.

Right now, the Australian Government is seeking to improve digital services for people in Australia, by converting its websites to Drupal software.

According to a case study on Drupal’s website.

The Government of Australia is standardizing on Drupal for hundreds of government departments and agencies across Australia, starting with the country’s homepage. Drupal enhances digital services to millions of citizens.

Our Commitment to Drupal

To learn more about our Drupal capability and experience visit our satellite website Drupalise.

Need a powerful website?

If you’re a Government agency or need a finely tuned website to handle large-scale requirements, please get in touch.