WordPress is software used to develop websites all around the world. It’s also one of the most popular, because it gets results quickly, and can be adapted to achieve many different results.

We’ve been using WordPress to build our websites since 2010. Since then, we’ve seen the software grow massively in capability, thanks to the open source community who support it.

When software is ‘open source’, it is contributed to by programmers all over the world, who work to improve its functionality and performance.

This also means the software doesn’t attract licensing fees, so it’s affordable to use.

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Is WordPress right for you?

The software we end up using to develop your website will depend on what your site needs to do.

Usually, WordPress is best suited to websites that are of a mid to low level of complexity, so if you don’t need anything too complicated, we’re likely to recommend it.

WordPress is also easy to use, so if you want to make updates to the words on your websites, or editable images, then you’ll find this fairly easy to do.

If you do get stuck, there’s plenty of ‘How to’ resources online, which will help you achieve what you want.

Of course, we don’t recommend changing anything beyond the words and editable images on your website, or you could accidentally cause an issue that impacts your entire site.

Plus, we can help you if you do need more substantial changes. (That’s what we’re here for!)

What about WordPress security?

Since WordPress is open source, there are minds all over the world developing security updates that protect WordPress sites from hackers.

To take full advantage of critical updates, we offer security contracts for our WordPress clients. Head here to find out more about them.

For more info on developing a website with us, please get in touch.