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ross | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne May 21, 2014

CloudLinux is Itomic’s favourite flavour of Linux for shared website hosting

By Ross Gerring

Providing professional website hosting services has been a core offering of Itomic since 2000.

Historically we’ve used the standard, popular versions of the Linux operating system (OS) to power our web servers: RedHat and CentOS. What the smart people behind CloudLinux have done is to tweak Linux still further to be optimised specifically for use in a shared hosting environment – which is what the vast majority of websites operate under. Shared hosting is exactly that: one server is used to host multiple websites, where those websites might all be owned by the same organisation, or by multiple different organisations.

“Optimised” in the context of shared hosting means superior:

  • Security (issues on one site are highly unlikely to be a risk to other sites)
  • Stability (more uptime)
  • Utilisation (you can better utilise an existing server by adding new sites without performance issues)

An additional and very handy benefit is that CloudLinux, in collaboration with CageFS, allows us to run multiple versions of our main website scripting language, PHP, on the same server at the same time. Different websites on the same server can often prefer one version of PHP over another, so it’s great that we can give each website the version of PHP that suits it best, rather than having to offer up the version that suits the majority of sites. It also means that we (and our clients) are under less time and cost pressure to upgrade a website to work with the latest recommended version of PHP.

Unsurprisingly, our favourite server and website management software, cPanel & WHM, also loves CloudLinux, as you can read here.

Our plan: all new hosting servers will run CloudLinux as standard. Existing servers may be upgraded to CloudLinux as business needs dictate (it’s relatively painless).

We find that the happier we are about our hosting services, the happier our clients are too. Thanks CloudLinux!