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ross | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne April 2, 2013

Drupal dominates .gov

By Ross Gerring

We’ve just spotted a website that reports on the “Distribution of content management systems among websites that use .gov“. The results are overwhelmingly in favour of Drupal, at 31.6% of all .gov websites (presumably worldwide) as at 28 March 2013.

After Drupal comes Sharepoint, then DotNetNuke, Ektron, Percussion, Joomla, then WordPress.

However if you look at “Usage of content management systems for [all] websites [that employ content management systems]” then WordPress dominates at 54.6%, Joomla second at 8.5%, closely followed by Drupal at 7.1%. Both WordPress and Drupal appear to be trending upwards, with Joomla marginly trending downwards.

These results are broadly in line with what we see and experience: that Drupal is most popular with – and is a great fit for – the mid-high end of town (including government), with WordPress better suiting the SME space.

At Itomic we’re delighted that we specialise in both Drupal and WordPress!

ross | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne October 15, 2012

Itomic Melbourne hosts a Drupal Code Sprint

By Ross Gerring

Earlier this month, Itomic Melbourne were delighted to be in a position to host a Drupal Code Sprint at our offices in South Yarra and to provide the necessary refreshments. About 15 Drupal people gave up their Saturday to attend and contribute (thank you one and all!)

“What is a code sprint?” we hear you ask? This straight from Wikipedia:

A sprint is a get-together of people involved in a project to give a focused development on the project…. Sprints are [typically] organized around the ideas of the Extreme Programming discipline of software development. The sprint is directed by a coach, who suggests tasks, tracks their progress and makes sure no one is stuck. Most of the development happens in pairs. A large open space is often chosen as a venue for efficient communication

Drupal is the software CMS/framework in which Itomic specialise. The current production version of Drupal is Drupal 7, and work on the next version (8, of course!) is well advanced – not least with the help of code sprints like this one taking place all over the world.

Feeling techy? Here are the issues/challenges targetted by this particular Drupal Code Sprint:

Like any event, it’s never the result of the efforts of just a single person or company. Big thanks go to:

  • Realityloop for being the principle instigators and organisers of the event. Thanks Brian and Stuart!
  • Linux Australia for some sponsorship funds
  • Justin Randell from Sydney. a massive contributor to ‘Drupal core’ for a number of years, and principle mentor on the day.
  • All the individuals who attended!
  • Anyone else I’ve forgotten? 🙂

Here’s to the next one – and to Drupal 8…

ross | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne October 12, 2012

Itomic confirmed as Silver Sponsor of DrupalCon Sydney 2013

By Ross Gerring

Itomic is pleased to announce that we’ve been confirmed as Silver Sponsors of DrupalCon Sydney 2013.

DrupalCon Sydney 2013 is the first DrupalCon in the southern hemisphere, and we’re very pleased to be a supporter of this epi-center gathering of Drupal-goodness! Bring it on!

Benskey | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne September 10, 2012

Drupal Developer Wanted (Fulltime)

By Ben Townsend

Itomic’s Perth HQ currently has vacancies for Senior (5+ years commercial experience) and Mid-weight (2-5 years) Drupal Developers.

Please note we’ll only respond to applications from people with existing valid permission to work in Australia, and who already reside in Australia or are about to return to Australia from overseas. Remote or offsite employment is not an option for this position.

For more details please see

Recruitment companies need not apply.


ross | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne July 31, 2012

Experienced Drupal Developer sought for Itomic Perth

By Ross Gerring

This is to announce that, as of 1 August 2012, we’re seeking expressions of interest from experienced Drupal developers (minimum 2-3 years commercial experience) for a fulltime position in our Perth office.

We’re likely (but not certain!) to post a formal job description shortly. Perhaps if you get your CV in early, we might not need to advertise more widely…

Please note we’ll only accept expressions of interest from people with *existing* valid permission to work in Australia, and who already reside in Australia or are about to return to Australia from overseas. All other expressions of interest will be disregarded. Remote or offsite employment is *not* an option for this position.

Please send your CV and covering letter/email to Including your salary expectations would also be most helpful.

Recruitment companies need not apply 🙂