August 18, 2011

Confirmation of our global Itomic support email address

This is to confirm that Itomic’s global support email address is Or Or 🙂 We’ve consolidated the co-ordination of our support services into a single stream. So if you’re thinking “Support” and you’re thinking “Itomic”, then you’re already most of the way there in terms of remembering what our support email address… Read more

Ross Ross Gerring

February 18, 2011

SEO predictions for 2011

What a year 2010 was for SEO and the internet. In 2010 we saw the introduction of Google Instant. We saw the release of the iPad and saw it sell 15 million units in its first calendar year, putting mobile Internet in the hands of an increasingly large user base (and the obvious implications for… Read more

Ross Ross Gerring

February 11, 2011

Unsolicited and false domain name warnings keep on coming

As a company with lots of domain names (got to protect our brand!) we’re seeing more and more unsolicited emails, typically claiming to be from China (.cn), advising us that someone else is looking to acquire domain names with our company name in them. Here’s the latest one (typos and all): —————————— Dear President&CEO, We… Read more

Ross Ross Gerring

August 24, 2010

How not to be a spammer. Get acquainted with the Aussie Spam Act of 2003

What have Optus, Virgin and CommSec all got in common? They’ve all been busted under the Australian Spam Act of 2003. Here is a summary of their misdemeanours. Click on the company names to go to press releases with the full stories. Optus – $110,000 fine for inaccurate sender information. Virgin – $22,000 fine for… Read more

Ross Ross Gerring

August 4, 2010

Building an Online Social Network

A well designed and executed website is an essential piece of the puzzle for any business no doubt, but it is just that, a piece. What you need is to turn these potential clients into actual clients and then convert clients into advocates for your business. It doesn’t matter if your business has 2000 Facebook… Read more

Ross Ross Gerring