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ross | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne June 18, 2014

Itomic website gains a glossary module

By Ross Gerring

Every industry has its jargon, and arguably IT is one of the worst offenders. But hey, give us a break! The pace of innovation is insane, so it’s no wonder that new words, acronyms, and the like, have to be created in order to describe and differentiate all the new stuff.

It’s hard enough for us lot in IT to keep up with the jargon, let alone our clients. So the least we can do is to help better inform our clients – actual and prospective – in terms of what various web words and phrases actually mean. To this end we’ve recently added a glossary module to our site. Here it is:

What we like about this module is that it’s not a standalone, static page of information. It’s clever enough such that, if there’s a match between a glossary word and text *anywhere* on our website, then the text is automatically enhanced so that rolling your mouse over the word will pop up the glossary module definition. So no need to click… but you can if you want to.

Oh, and having a glossary module on your website can only be a good thing in the eyes of the major search engines.

If your industry has jargon, why not consider a glossary module for your site? Ask Itomic today.