June 20, 2016

Mobile-friendly. What does it mean?

Mobile-friendly means that a site retains good design principles and functionality (i.e. usability), irrespective of the device being used to view and interact with it. “Device” typically means desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone. In industry lingo, a mobile-friendly site is known as a responsive site. Not that many years ago, before smartphones and tablets were… Read more

Emma Emma Gerring

May 14, 2015

Mobile Responsive – Why bother?

Most agencies/web developers will incur additional costs to develop a mobile responsive website. The responsive element will ensure your website will adjust itself to multiple screen sizes across all devices and introduce user-friendly features such as ‘touch friendly’ navigation.   Is it worth the extra cost? Especially if you’re the website admin that only needs to… Read more

Izumi Izumi Mitsui