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izumi | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne October 17, 2014

Myth Busting Paypal [Protip]

By Izumi Mitsui

Over the years I’ve noticed there’s a common misunderstanding of Paypal which resulted in some kick-back as a payment method selection. I’ll address the 3 topics most often covered in conversations.

Myth 1 – I have to sign up to Paypal to use it. 

FALSE. This is the conversation that comes up the most. While it makes it more effortless if you do own an account (with pre-filled fields etc), you can choose to pay as a guest.


Myth 2 – I can’t use my credit card with Paypal 

FALSE. Refer to the graphic above, paying as a guest allows you to pay with your standard credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and DISCOVER)

Myth 3 – Paypal is not recognised enough around the world 

FALSE. Paypal is used by a myriad of companies globally across numerous industries/markets. A comprehensive list of Aus companies that use Paypal see here (I bet you’ll recognise more than a few of your favs in the list) 

Development Cost Advantages

When developing an e-commerce solution using Paypal will allow you to avoid the following costs: 

  • Merchant account with the bank. | Costs vary depending on the bank.
  • Payment gateway programming | Costs vary depending no the bank.  
  • SSL Certificate – to handle sensitive information such as payment details in an encrypted format

I hope this serves to be helpful information in understanding Paypal better. 
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