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izumi | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne May 14, 2015

Mobile Responsive – Why bother?

By Izumi Mitsui
Most agencies/web developers will incur additional costs to develop a mobile responsive website.
The responsive element will ensure your website will adjust itself to multiple screen sizes across all devices and introduce user-friendly features such as ‘touch friendly’ navigation.


Is it worth the extra cost? Especially if you’re the website admin that only needs to access your website from the office desktop, why would you bother?


Here are 2 compelling reasons:


  1. Numbers don’t lie.
    Ever since early 2014 the mobile figures have overtaken the desktop usage for website access globally.Mobile friendly itomic
    The trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon, the increased advancements in technology allows more people access to affordable smart-devices.
    While you may not have a need to access your website on your portable device, it’s not about you! Your website is for your users/customers first and foremost, so it’s only wise to make  sure its easily accessible for all.
  2. Mobilegeddon has hit and gone
    On April 21st, 2015 Google’s ‘Mobile Friendly Update’ was introduced. (deemed as ‘Mobilegeddon’ by some)
    This update was simple: Google will give favour over to websites that are responsive or have a mobile friendly page over those that don’t.

    Why? Because mobile friendly pages are easy to read, access and increase the chances of the user finding what they’re after swiftly (which is the whole goal of Google).


Take away (for the note takers):

In 2015, mobile responsiveness should be a mandatory term with web development.
If your website is non-responsive we encourage you to take action and stay ahead of the curve.
Unsure if your website is responsive? Take the mobile friendly test 
Additional help available here.

izumi | Itomic Web Design Perth & Melbourne March 18, 2014

Isn’t WordPress for blogs?

By Izumi Mitsui

If you’ve been anywhere online or looked at getting a website in the recent years ‘WordPress’ is probably a common term you’ve heard thrown around even if you’re not web savvy.  

Wordpress specialists perth - itomic

Itomic – WordPress specialists perth

Contrary to popular belief WordPress is much more than a blogging platform.

Since it’s first release in 2003 (primarily for blogging purposes), the improvements to the architecture over time has allowed websites to have many complex functionalities such as inclusion of shopping carts and accepting automated payments. It currently boasts over 60 million websites globally and the numbers are rapidly increasing every year.

At Itomic we aim to make the most of modern Web Technology available to us, and here is why we think WordPress is so great and decided to become specialists of this platform.

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS). The CMS allows you to freely add/edit/remove content and pages from a website at anytime. Being an open source platform means there’s a global community contributing to the continual improvement of the system making sure it’s adapting to the digital landscape. (i.e. At the time of writing, WordPress 3.8 is the latest release which identify items such as Social Media integration and mobile responsiveness to be a standard request from end users.)

This agile approach ensures new features and security upgrades are being released on a regular basis to ensure the integrity of the website.

Ok, that’s enough about why we get excited about WordPress. Here are some reasons why it’s great for you and the end users:

WordPress is Open Source

There is no ‘lock-in’ to a vendor, so you are free to take your WordPress website anywhere that supports it.   

WordPress is Simple

WordPress has the ability to take a complex set of features and display them in a user friendly, intuitive format for your users and make it easy for you to administer and monitor performance via the dashboard.

WordPress is Scalable 

When it comes to WordPress development it’s helpful to see it as building blocks. Additional features in the future are easily accommodated without having to start from scratch.  

Like what you’ve read so far? Ready to give WordPress a run for your new project or want to find out more?

We can help, let’s start a conversation!