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WordPress Developers

Our Experienced WordPress Team

The success of your online marketing efforts depends largely on your website, which is where we come in. At Itomic, we bring years of experience and a team of skilled developers and designers. Our senior developers have completed hundreds of WordPress projects. We have the skills and knowledge needed to provide superior custom development and tailored services designed to meet your specific needs.

No matter the industry, your business will benefit from increased online visibility. A quality website can help bring more foot traffic to a physical location or increase your brand awareness. We tailor each project to the goals of our clients. From a basic website to a complex customer relationship management (CRM) platform, we can handle any project.

Choosing Itomic also ensures access to reliable support and maintenance. With our ongoing support, you never need to worry about your site going down, or have to deal with features on your site not working as intended. Working with a qualified group of WordPress developers in Melbourne gives you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your core business operations. With Itomic, your online presence is in good hands.

Our Development Process for WordPress Projects

From start to finish, our WordPress development process keeps you updated and in control of the direction of the project. We work closely with you to ensure that every detail aligns with your needs.

You receive complete visibility throughout each stage, starting with the initial consultation, before leading into UI/UX and design. We also rely on wireframing and prototyping when necessary to make sure that everything matches your requirements.

We can also take an iterative approach to your WordPress project. Allow our developers to continually update each iteration based on your feedback, finetuning everything until the final project exceeds your initial expectations.

Quality in All We Do

There is no job that is too big or too small. No matter the scale and scope of the project, we focus on delivering high-quality results.

WordPress is an efficient platform and offers access to a limitless selection of plugins. Yet, you also need to ensure that each plugin is the right fit. Poorly developed plugins or using too many plugins may slow down your site and decrease the quality of the user experience.

At Itomic, we design and develop custom solutions, including WordPress themes and plugins that match your specific needs. All projects are thoroughly tested. We rely on a structured process for testing every component of your WordPress project. We bring in professional testers and allow you to test the features for yourself.

Our Experience with WordPress

WordPress offers a streamlined interface for website management, but it takes a skilled developer to customise the platform to your specific needs. We have completed hundreds of WordPress projects for our customers.
The Itomic team has been building WordPress sites for over 10 years. Our experience also covers popular page builders, plugins, and related technologies. We can easily implement:

  • eCommerce solutions (including WooCommerce)
  • WordPress SEO
  • Custom development
  • Mobile app integration
  • And much more (including hosting and WordPress security updates)

WordPress is a robust platform with a lot to offer. We can ensure that you make the most of it. From the design of the site and theme to the use of plugins, we ensure that every detail fits the needs of your project.

WordPress provides the framework for bringing almost any online project to life. You can build a professional business website, a full-fledged eCommerce platform, or just about anything else that you can imagine.

At Itomic, we have used WordPress to build sites since 2010. We have followed along as WordPress has grown and evolved to provide increased functionality. The versatility of WordPress allows us to develop tailored solutions to achieve your goals.

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WordPress Developers

Dedicated Project Manager

When you work with Itomic for WordPress development, you receive a dedicated project manager (PM). Your PM provides direct communication to keep you updated throughout each stage of the development process.

Our project managers are not just tech experts. They understand the needs of your business. They help ensure a quality outcome and more efficient use of available tech resources. Instead of working with a revolving door of developers, you have a dedicated individual that is ready to address any concern.

Ongoing Hosting and Support

We make it easy to grow your online presence, thanks to all-in-one solutions built around your requirements. Along with superior WordPress development, you can rely on us for ongoing hosting and support.
Here are a few of the ways that we keep your website running 24/7/365:

  • Rock-solid cloud hosting
  • Fast, reliable servers
  • Ongoing plugin updates
  • Software patching
  • Server monitoring

The user experience (UX) of your website depends on a variety of factors, including the design and layout of the web pages. Yet, you also need reliable hosting. At Itomic, we use cloud hosting for your WordPress site. Cloud hosting offers increased security, scalability, and efficiency compared to traditional hosting.

You can also rely on us to keep your website and plugins updated. WordPress frequently updates its platform to resolve security issues. Failing to update your site increases the risk of cyber threats. Outdated plugins also pose a problem. Plugins that require updates may not work properly, breaking the functionality of your website. Luckily, you do not need to worry about these issues. Our team handles all necessary updates and continues to monitor servers to decrease the risk of downtime.

We also use best practices for ensuring faster page-loading speeds and improved Google Page Speed/Core Vitals statistics. You can gain a competitive advantage by climbing the search rankings for phrases related to your industry or market.

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WordPress Developers

Why Choose Itomic?

Itomic is the most recommended choice for custom WordPress development in Melbourne. We have built custom WordPress sites since 2010 but have been making websites since 2000. We have a long track record of successful projects, including websites for global corporations and government organisations.

Our skilled WordPress developers in Melbourne and versatile solutions ensure that you receive the best value. Additional reasons for contacting us for WordPress development include:

  • Agile development process
  • Focus on UI/UX design
  • Beautiful WordPress themes
  • Friendly, knowledgeable team
  • Local solutions in Melbourne

WordPress is the most used platform for building websites, thanks to its simple interface and access to a variety of themes and plugins. Due to the popularity of WordPress, many businesses have cookie-cutter websites that fail to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

At Itomic, we focus heavily on UI/UX design. We ensure that your website has an original, intuitive interface that delivers a superior user experience. You can depend on us to create a unique site that perfectly reflects the image that you want to present. We also use an agile development process, which increases our flexibility. Throughout the development process, you can request changes or implement new features.

Every business needs a website. Your online presence is often the first impression that clients gain of your business. If you want to stand out and attract more customers, now is the time to consider WordPress development. Contact us today to hire WordPress developers in Melbourne!

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