Keyword Search

December 10, 2010

Announcing our online marketing and SEO services

By Ross Gerring

Itomic celebrated its 10th year in business this year, and it is with this experience and track record behind us that we feel comfortable with out tagline ‘The Web Specialists’. It’s also this experience that has set the benchmark for our Online Marketing and SEO services.

Our websites have always been built from the ground up to be fundamentally search engine friendly. But we – and our clients – know that this is no longer enough to achieve consistently high Google rankings when your competitors are getting online in droves and increasing their Internet marketing efforts and budgets accordingly.

Itomic believe in open, honest and ethical SEO (search engine optimisation) and online marketing services. We have spent the last few months researching and shaping our online marketing and SEO packages and have come to the following conclusion: selling online marketing service in package form (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold) isn’t consistent with our consultative style. Package offerings are fine for more ‘rigid’ services such as website hosting, but have less relevance where best results are achieved by a more dynamic, tailored approach.

Our offering therefore is centered around the consultation and provision of services based upon the specific needs of each individual client. Every client is different and every client will have different needs. It’s about leveraging the very best results for any set of circumstances given the available budget. As results start to flow, then typically it’s smart to re-evaluate the most appropriate budget, up or down.

Perhaps unusually in this industry, we have a strong focus on educating and training our clients on the basics of SEO and online marketing. If you have the interest and resources to consistently apply best practice techniques (and keep abreast of new developments), we say “fantastic!” and are very happy to share our knowledge. If not, then we’re also very happy to do the creative and grunt work for you.

So as 2010 draws to a close and you have time to think about the year ahead, why not give some thought to giving us a call and having a complimentary chat about our online marketing offerings?