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March 21, 2011

Google for Nonprofit Organisations

By Ross Gerring

We’ve just spotted that Google is targetting non-profit organisations for some of its services at no or reduced cost – and we’d like to share the love!

At time of writing, the full range of services are only available to registered not-for-profit organisations headquartered in the USA, but the normal expectation is that over time this geographic restriction will be relaxed. Australian Non-profits, for example, can already access Google Apps for Business with a 40% discount, and Google AdWords grants. Useful links below.

Here’s the home page of Google for nonprofits:

Google grants (for “in kind advertising”) are available in the following countries (incl. Australia):

Youtube Non-profit Programme: Does your organisation have a compelling story to tell?

Google Apps for Nonprofit: Hosted email, documents, spreadsheets, etc.