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June 21, 2011

Google supports modern browsers, drops older browsers

By Ross Gerring

It’s great to see that major Internet-centric companies are officially dropping support for older web browsers, in favour of putting all their energies into supporting newer browsers.

This announcement earlier this month from Google:

“As of August 1st, we will discontinue support for the following browsers and their predecessors:Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7, and Safari 3. In these older browsers you may have trouble using certain features in Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs and Google Sites, and eventually these apps may stop working entirely.”

One of the features we at Itomic enjoy about the Google Chrome browser is that it “silently” updates itself all the time, whereas the others have historically made quite a song and dance about the whole process – which can put some people off, to their detriment.

If you’re looking for the latest version of your favourite broswer, just follow these links: