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December 10, 2009

How to reduce your costs with a pre-paid service contract

By Ross Gerring

An Itomic Pre-paid Service Contract offers increased control and affordability over the costs of updating, maintaining and supporting your website.

In a nutshell – you pre-pay for blocks of Itomic service hours up-front. Currently these are available in 10, 30, and 50 hour blocks. The more hours you buy, the bigger the discounts we can offer. Specials aside, the discounts (over our standard hourly rate) are:

  • 10 hours – 5%
  • 30 hours – 10%
  • 50 hours – 15%

So the key and significant benefits of Pre-Paid Service Contracts to our clients are these:

  1. Discounted pricing.
  2. No standard 30 minute minimum charge. If the job only takes us 10 mins, we only take 10 minutes from your total time remaining. So this represents a second discount on top of already discounted pricing!
  3. A generous 1 year expiry date from date of purchase, so plenty of time to ensure you use it all up.
  4. Insure yourself against future price rises. We honour the rate on your contract until it’s all used up.
  5. Reduced administration – yours and ours. We raise just one invoice for the blocks of hours you buy, and you only have to raise one purchase order (if applicable).

As always, a few basic terms and conditions

  1. Pre-paid Service Contracts are normally only available to existing clients, although we do make exceptions.
  2. The hours you buy in a Pre-Paid Service Contract are for labour only, and cannot be offset against non-labour costs such as website hosting, domain names, software, hardware, etc.
  3. Pre-paid Service Contracts are typically used for updating and maintaining existing websites, as opposed to building new ones. Again, we do make exceptions on occasions.

Sounds attractive? Contact us for more details.