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April 29, 2011

Itomic UK is nearly here.

By Ross Gerring

After several months of planning, the Itomic UK office is about to open.

Here at Itomic, we are very excited to be opening our first international office and we are already accepting website enquiries via email, prior to the office doors opening in June.

Itomic is already able to successfully service international clients from Australia, so why open an office in the UK?

For those of you that know or are familiar with Australia, you will know it is a big place. We, like many web companies, operate successfully on a daily basis by remote means, but we found that clients still prefer to work with locally-based companies. Since 2000 our HQ has been based in sunny Perth on the west coast, so when we opened an office in Melbourne, organisations in Victoria felt much more comfortable engaging with Itomic.

Itomic provides a quality service to its clients, and part of that quality comes from been able to meet face to face. A lot can be achieved from in person meetings, and whilst technology is here to help, we don’t lose sight of the importance of “the personal touch”.

When an organisation engages a web company to build a website for them, they are making an important investment in their international online presence. The website is available anywhere in the world and is often the first impression for a potential new client. It is therefore not surprising that organisations like to meet their web developers in person in order to gain full confidence in the process, and in the ongoing business relationship.