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July 21, 2009

Itomic website hosting plans sync with the Aussie financial year

By Ross Gerring

The team at Itomic are pleased to announce a refinement of our Itomic website hosting plans, whereby we’re working to align all annual hosting renewal dates with the start of each new Australian financial year.

Itomic has been hosting websites on our own dedicated servers in the USA and in Australia since 2000. So although we primarily focus on website design, development and consultancy, we’re also a fully fledged and mature website hosting company. Our hosting is a trusted and reliable resource for corporates and SMEs.

We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to upgrade and streamline all aspects of this service offering: service, support, backups, administration, invoicing, etc.

Historically our annual website hosting plans were distributed right across the year. So every month we’d be raising renewal invoices for (roughly) a twelfth of the websites that we host. Now we’re refining this service further by adjusting our invoicing for all annual website hosting plans to co-incide with the Australian financial year, which runs from 1 July to 30 June for all Australian companies.

Therefore all new website hosting packages we sign-up or renew between now and June 2010 will be prorated to take them up to June 30th 2010, after which all annual packages will be due for renewal on July 1 each year. This is the obvious time period for us to choose for Australian companies (who constitute the bulk of the sites we host), and will assist us in keeping our administration costs down.

Look out for more innovations in all aspects of our business offerings and operations, coming soon!