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City of Perth – Open Data Portal

A dedicated open data platform for the City of Perth.

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The Challenge

As part of its ‘smart city’ initiative the City of Perth needed a place to share information it collects about its services, utilities and assets. Gathered from various sensors and IoT devices around the city, the sharing of data aims to encourage collaboration and innovation around making Perth a smart, safe and more sustainable city.

The Open Data Portal is dedicated to data sharing and collaboration.

The Solution

In partnership with a leading end-to-end IoT solutions provider OneWifi, we created the Open Data Portal. OneWifi were responsible for the aggregation of the data sources, while we focussed on the web platform using the tech stack of Drupal and DKAN. The site consumes big data from multiple sources across Environment, Telecommunication, and Transportation and makes it accessible and consumable with visualisation tools. Data stories on the site showcase the City’s use of smart technology.

  • Built with Drupal

The Result

The Open Data Portal enables the City of Perth to share the data it collects from around the City. The collaborative participation continues to grow, especially among schools who are a part of the Citizen Science program.

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