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Projectory is a digital publishing platform that provides news to its paying subscriber base on the planning and development of major resource, construction, energy, infrastructure and defence projects in Australia.

The Challenge

Around 2011 Itomic designed and developed the first Projectory website. Though it served the business well, by 2017 the technology it was built on was in legacy mode and the site was beginning to show its age. User expectations and the devices used to consume content had changed drastically too. It was time for Projectory to reinvent itself.

I have been a client of Itomic since 2010. Itomic developed my website Projectory that provides market intelligence on active and emerging projects in Australia. Itomic developed a recent and major upgrade to the site...

Jamie Wade, Projectory

The Approach

Having built the first Projectory site we had an intimate understanding of Jamie’s business and the essential elements that make it tick. But priorities can change so we began by auditing the site and culling what wasn’t working. From there we gave focus to the new features that would get the site to the next level.

The team at Itomic are very knowledgeable, highly professional and extremely prompt in their service and support. Their project management tools with the recent site upgrade project in particular streamlined the project and made prioritising work easy.

Jamie Wade, Projectory

The Solution

Itomic chose to create the new Projectory using Laravel and its proven companion, Vue JS. We knew from experience that this partnership offers the ultimate freedom to create completely bespoke web applications, that to the user ‘just works’!

  • Built with Laravel
  • Built with Vue JS

The Results

The new and improved platform has delighted the core user groups; first and foremost the Readers/Subscribers enjoy the easy onboarding and the speed and accessibility of the content across their preferred device type; the Journalists enjoy the ease with which they can manage and populate their content; and the Business benefits from the increased automation, the administration functionality and reporting (and of course the happy customer base!).

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