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March 27, 2009

Welcome Liam!

By Ross Gerring

This month we’re very pleased to announce the arrival of the newest addition to our team, Liam Hargreaves. Like Itomic’s MD, Liam is an ‘ex-pom’ who now calls Australia home. Liam’s been employed in the role of project/account manager. That’s ‘account’, not ‘accounts’. so he won’t be doing any bookkeeping for us! Liam is a qualified IT project management professional, and has a wealth of practical experience in IT project management both inside and outside the web industry. We know that our continued ability to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the future will have less to do with a comparison of who’s offering the best systems, and more to do with who’s offering the best people behind, and in support of, those systems. Our investment in Liam is another demonstration of our commitment to this future. So don’t be surprised if you receive an email from Liam in the coming months to introduce himself to you!

Welcome Liam Hargreaves (and your lovely dog Lucy) to Itomic!