How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

January 29, 2019

Ben Ben Townsend

It can be easy to forget about your website. While it is one of the first places people go to find out about your organisation, chances are you don’t regularly check it out.

So, how often should you should redesign your website? Design trends, changing technologies, the sector you operate in, your organisation’s service/product offerings, and your business goals, are just some of the things to consider when determining if your website requires a redesign. Redesigning your website too regularly can harm your brand and cause confusion among users, so you need to find the sweet spot to keep it fresh and relevant.

Refresh Your Website Seasonally or Annually if…
…you’re in a field where innovation and staying ahead of latest trends is key. Businesses that update their product line from season to season (like a fashion retail site) are more likely to benefit from this than a typical service based business.

Redesign Your Website Every Few Years if…
…you want to ensure it reflects the evolution of your organisation and harnesses advantages of the latest tech and design. A fresh look and an improved feature set, along with current and engaging content will help keep you relevant and competitive.

Redesign Your Website at Least Every 5 Years if…
…you don’t want to get left behind, or appear stagnant or obsolete. In website terms, 5 years is considered quite mature, and so by this milestone we’d highly recommend you review the latest options available in the marketplace.  Don’t get us wrong, a well developed website should serve you for this length of time, but know that with the pace of change around you, both in design and in technology, the closer a site gets to five candles, the more likely it is to be missing opportunities to bring benefits to your organisation and your customers.

Small Continuous Improvements
Regardless of where you fit in the above categories, all websites should undergo small continuous improvements year-round to ensure relevance. Don’t be afraid to implement innovations over time, especially those that improve the user experience and convert users to customers.

Some Telling Signs You Should Redesign ASAP
It’s vital that your website looks great and works well across mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Similarly, if the CMS technology that drives your website has reached legacy status, you should revamp using a popular platform that is backed by an active and dynamic community of developers. And of course, if your site doesn’t accurately represent your organisation as it stands today, then it’s likely to of limited value.

Finally, you should be proud of your website, and eager to point people toward it.

Unsure about your options?
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