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Website feature to help protect victims of domestic violence.

April 24, 2019

Izumi Izumi Mitsui

To raise awareness of Domestic Violence (DV), this post is dedicated to the ‘Quick Exit’ website feature. The feature is designed to minimise the chance of potential conflict when at-risk users access a website to seek help.

What is it?

Many victims of DV are reported to be living under the same roof as their abuser. As such, the victims are often in controlling situations and too afraid to seek information online that might help them break free from a dangerous partner.

The Quick Exit feature is a simple button that provides instant privacy, from any/all pages of a website in an easy to access location. Eg. side of the browser window.

How does it work?

A Quick Exit button can be coded into any website. The look and feel of the button can be integrated with all site designs. Once active, it allows the user to quickly exit the page they are viewing by closing down the current window. Upon clicking the button the following steps occur immediately and concurrently:

  • The current browser window is closed.
  • Two new browser tabs are opened and load predefined sites. Eg. a popular News site, or Google.com.

This protects against a suspicious overseer who might try and use the ‘Back’ button of the web browser. This Quick Exit feature combined with the use of an incognito window is the ultimate coupling for the safest user experience.

If you’d like to see some examples of this in action, please contact us.

If your website content is sensitive in nature, this simple tool will provide increased privacy for your users.

To find more information on DV please visit organisations like White Ribbon or Lifeline.