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October 20, 2010

Itomic’s Portfolio is ASX-rich

By Ross Gerring

Visitors to the ‘Award Winning Portfolio’ page of our website can view a selection of sites by Industry, Feature, or Theme. In recognition of the fast-growing number of Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed companies who are Itomic clients, we’ve recently introduced ‘ASX Data’ as a new filter in the Feature section. You can go straight to the list here

So whilst all companies in this list are ASX-listed, how they choose to utilise ASX data on their sites can vary considerably. At the very least, ASX-listed companies tend to want their share price displayed on their sites. Others, like for example MacMahon, choose to display ASX data (charts, reports, etc). more extensively on their sites. Fortunately, in Itomic, they’ve chosen a web partner who can code ‘outside the box’. We’re not restricted to fixed package offerings in terms of what data they can use and how/where they can use it. In other words, if it can be done – Itomic can do it!

We’re looking forward to welcoming many more ASX-listed companies to our portfolio in the future.