Why Itomic service levels are a cut above the rest

October 20, 2010

Ross Ross Gerring

Here at Itomic we truly pride ourselves on our consistently high service levels. We are always on the lookout for ways to raise the bar to new heights. We do this through acquiring excellent new staff, training of (also excellent!) existing staff, and inventing better ways of working.

But anyone can say that – and most do. Where’s the proof? Try these facts for size:

  1. We guarantee a turnaround of no more than 5 business days for all work under 2 hours in duration. Typical turnaround will be a lot less. It’s reassuring to know your 10 minute update won’t take weeks to implement.
  2. We are a multi-office company. Support is available in two different time zones (Perth and Melbourne), and we expect to add more offices in new locations in the coming years (did anyone say ‘Vancouver’?)
  3. We are the administrators of the sites we host, so no ‘pointing the finger’ at the hosting provider if things aren’t working on your website.
  4. 24/7 human telephone answering service.
  5. Escalation procedures in place for mission-critical after-hours technical support.
  6. Full time account and project managers.
  7. Highly experienced and qualified staff. The average age of our team is over 30 (sorry, teenagers!), and staff turnover is very low, even through the recent financial crisis.
  8. All core services are conducted in-house for maximum accountability and quality control. Shake hands with the people who are actually designing and developing your site.
  9. Itomic was founded in 2000 by the same web professionals who own and manage the company today.
  10. Sales persons are held accountable for what they sell, and are not paid commissions. Never say never, but we’ve yet to see a commission model for sales people that results in a superior long-term outcome for all parties.
  11. We believe that the only acceptable form of vendor-lock-in is where you stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.
  12. We have a large and growing list of genuine customer testimonials.
  13. We have a “if it can be done, Itomic can do it” attitude. We can and do sell and support high quality off-the-shelf website systems – but at the same time we most definitely pride ourselves on our in-house technical ability to code your site to the ‘nth degree, if/when required.
  14. We employ teams behind our team. We’re able to provide superior service because they give us superior service.

The importance that successful businesses place on an effective website presence continues to grow by the day. When you want to take your website -and critically the service levels around it – to the next level, give Itomic a call, 24/7.